footage from pilot: 001: Kim

The Polar Shift Phenomenon
An anthology series of stand alone movies, connected by social media storytelling and one common backstory:


The story of Alex, whose sister and father died because of a mysterious and powerful ability.

Alex sets out to help superhumans like his sister, hoping they won’t fall prey to the same fate as she did.

Character films for platforms and tv

(some episodes)

001: Kim can time travel through her own life (pilot, 60 minutes - available)
002: Gary can control people with his mind

003: Tim can only survive, by taking over people's bodies
004: Jill can transport illnesses from one  person to the next
005: Daphne can see her near future
006: Jacob receives the dreams of a young girl

Together they could be the hope for the human kind.

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scifi/supernatural - most popular genre worldwide

50-70 minutes
target audience:

number of episodes:


English / TBD

- Pilot and screenplays ready
- Strong social media/online connection
- European produced films


twilight zone meets the marvel cinematic universe

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