The most magical movie experiences are the ones where you say: this couldn't happen in real life, but it sure feels as if it could. Magic movie moments have a way of creeping under your skin, or setting your brain on fire. They have a way of making your everyday existence more magical, mysterious and mesmerizing. 


These are the kind of movie experiences that High-Concept-Films aims to create. High concept, human touch. Because a movie only becomes magical when it portrays tragic, funny and and awe-inspiring truths about what it means to be human. 


High-Concept-Films is a collective of movie lovers who were triggered to become creatives by watching The Twilight Zone and related content, stories that ask the most magical question there is: "What if..." 

Joggem Simons

founder, producer

25 years of high standards, a strong vision and the drive to make the impossible possible, has resulted in very diverse film/media productions, seen and produced around the world. 2 of his productions have won the prestigious Grawmeyer Award. La Commedia, by Louis Andriessen/Hal Hartley and Up-Close by Michel van der Aa. The website he produced for Nike, won a Lion Gran Prix in Cannes.

By setting up High-Concept-Films he wanted to put his full focus on scifi/drama. Stories that open your head and help you look at the world from a different perspective.


By reasons of flexibility and budget awareness, with the help of 25 years experience of managing productions, Joggem has created a way of producing with the smallest possible teams, keeping the high standards he strives for.

In these times of COVID-19, this experience comes in handy and can be put to full use.


“I wanted to become involved in film after watching The Twilight Zone in the 80’s.


Stories by High-Concept-Films are in that line.”

Tonnie Dinjens


Has directed over a hundred episodes of scripted television for Dutch national television. With Spangas winning the Golden Televizier Ring, which is the most important Dutch TV prize.

"Recognizable people are put in extraordinary situations. This way they can't fall back on their usual and often predictable behaviour.

They will have to re-discover themselves and challenge their own (im)moralities."

Michiel Richards - screenwriter

Immediately fell in love with storytelling when he first attempted to write a story at the age of five. He loves stories that create a suspension of disbelief, thus giving the audience an experience they haven't had before. Michiel has been a screenwriter for more than fifteen years. His work has been sold all over the world.

Sander Offenberg

story editor


Sander Offenberg

story editor

Sander Offenberg

story editor

Sander has been script doctoring international feature films and has written and story-lined 100’s of hours of tv fiction. In some years Sander has been responsible for more hours of produced scripted shows than anyone else in the Netherlands.

“I focus on thrilling and surprising stories with a recognizable theme, which, with scifi elements, get extra meaning and impact."

Hidde Simons

director, acting coach

Is besides a director, a drama coach for actors and directors and works in casting. With an acting and teaching background he created his own method of directing actors. This method has been picked up by a great number of directors who followed his classes.

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We create scifi and supernatural content

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