time travel, sci-fi, thriller
80 minutes

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sci-fi, thriller, drama
90 minutes

Bedtime stories
inspired by the Twilight Zone

sci-fi, mystery, drama
8-24 minutes - unlimited episodes

It seems like the most ordinary town, but strange things do happen here…


Short stories. A nice twist on life before you go to bed.


Time Will Tell

inspired by finished feature Time Will Tell
time travel, sci-fi, mystery, drama
8 x 50 minutes

Exploring her ability to return to the past, a rebellious teen discovers a dark mystery that she can only resolve by digging into the private moments of her adversaries, family and friends – even though her ability may be killing her slowly.


An ordinary girl, her extraordinary gift to travel through time, and the traumatic betrayal she must uncover within her own family.


If you could only save yourself from agony and death by taking the lives of loved ones, where would you draw the line?


More in development

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