We've created something we love, but which also has the potential to be highly successful. Some of the reasons:

- Worldwide most popular genre.

As the schedule next to this shows, scifi supernatural series ('what if' series) are by far the most popular digital originals and have a large following.


- Original approach, while in the same line of the most popular shows in the past few years.

Black Mirror - one of the most popular shows on Netflix over the last years. We have the same 'what if' approach, with 1 hour long stand alone stories.

Great for an audience who hunger for a single shot of scifi.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe - One of the major story innovations of the past decade is the way Marvel was able to build a story universe, by connecting stand alone stories (character films). The Polar Shift Phenomenon is our story universe, one that also consists of character films, tied together by Alex’ search for superhumans such as his sister. A story world people can dive into.

- Deep content.

Once an audience is hooked, they want more, which means you have a built-in audience for your next movies.

We're offering content on many levels. Besides Alex' search, mostly offered online on platforms like Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram and dedicated groups like Reddit.com/r/SciFiAndFantasy, Sf-fandom.com and Indiewire.com, we'll also be offering real scientific lectures and backgrounds on the actual Polar Shift Phenomenon, DNA and evolution.

- Spin-off potential.

All of our stories are high-concept ideas and have the potential for all sorts of spin-offs. For instance this could be series or franchise films.

- Experienced team.

Our team of professional and experienced writers, directors and producers has loved and lived this genre for 20+ years each. This way we know what works and what doesn't. It only works if we really would like to watch it.

- European produced.

Internationally operating platforms aiming at Europe, are obliged to have a percentage of their content spendings, spent in Europe. We can have our films produced in Europe, with an international audience in mind.

- Pilot and screenplays available

Our first episode File 001: Kim is available. This is a good way to see what we're offering. Besides this, we have 2 more scripts of stand alone character films and story set-ups of numerous more.

- Delivery on short notice

As we have our pilot and more screenplays ready, we can go into production on short notice and deliver a series of episodes within a fairly short period of time, all this while maintaining high quality standards!

As this schedule shows, there is a great demand for scifi supernatural series.

These are US figures, though these shows travel well and are popular in most countries.

People love superhumans / superheroes!

Since forever people have loved stories about people who where able to do things, normal people just couldn't. This is because we all want to be like that. We show that it's not just fun, but also confronting as it makes you stand out from other people and there is much to learn. It's both a blessing and a burden and a mirror for our lives.

twilight zone meets the marvel cinematic universe

We create scifi and supernatural content

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